HiAm.The new hibed.

“Italy is the country of ‘art’ and ‘beauty’ par excellence. With HiAm these values take on a new form in an evolved product that, in combining design with technology, leads us to self-discovery, projecting us into a dimension in which otium, or leisure, assumes an active and extremely positive significance, just as it did in classical antiquity” — Fabio Vinella, product designer. To spark the physiological well-being derived from otium, HiAm uses ambient and reading lights, a high-definition audio system, a 70-inch screen, and a 4k projector, as well as motorized bed bases programmed for massages and a refined fragrance diffuser to personalize your moments of relaxation — all activated through a native iOS app. Thanks to the support guaranteed by IoT sensors, the modern four-poster bed offered by the brand will also be able to collect data on sleep and the environment. The sensors’ many functions include detecting any ambient noises that could disturb your sleep and identifying the ideal temperature for achieving optimum rest. This is HiAm.

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